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[ARTICLE] After unrest over shooting officers to wear cameras (x

The buzz is dying down about Ferguson. It’s important to keep reading and sharing unbiased information. Not only to insure proper representation but to not let our voices and those who were out on the ground go unheard 

[VIDEO] TOMBOYISH: Back to School - Ari Fitz (x)

Sometimes I want to dress like a boy ( whatever like a boy means ) And If I had the means to buy a new wardrobe it would look something like this.

[VIDEO] #SMACKYOLIP Lay’s Taste Test - Evelyn From the Internets (x)

I thought about tasting Cappucino but I heard bad reviews including this one. she’s always fun to watch 

[SITE] Peace Corps (x)

Still doing some hardcore thinking about this option. I talked with a few people so receive it as exiting others as a scapegoat out of real life. I think it would be an experience that would be extremely valued in the long run. Ive got the rest of my life to live. Devoting 2 years to another country isn’t as daunting as I would have thought before. 

I was supposed to do a lot of things but then I fell asleep.

Number one route to escapism.
But then my demons found me in my dreams.

I thought it was a good idea
  • yoga
  • sit in the sun 
  • drink water 
  • write out treatments for photo projects 
  • edit artist statement
  • email photo opts for this week 
  • take some high quality selfies for the archive 
  • look at frame pricing 
  • write donation letter 
  • consider stripping or setting up a gofundme 

Dreams and Scalding hot showers

09 l 01 

 I woke myself with the covers strewn across the floor and beads of sweat on the nape of neck. I rubbed my eyes trying to recollect the dream I had and what had caused such stir in my soul. 

Energies are still left in me. Pieces of him. Pieces of him. Pieces of them. Pieces of her. are still left in me. And it’s not something you can drive out quickly. Or dig a hole six feet deep and say good riddance. You have to fight with it. 

You have to look in the mirror and reach into your throat. To pull out teeth that don’t belong there. But it doesn’t stop there. For someone with a soul pulsing as mine, it becomes an examination, a discussion, a thorough investigation on what caused this. 

It becomes standing under scalding showers after you woken up just to feel something other than the psuedo pain of pulling teeth from the back of your throat again. 

  • why do I keep checking my phone 
  • this is beyond frustrating 
  • to point where I’m irritated
  • I don’t need this energy to manifest like this 
  • but gahdamn 

About to watch the smash up episode of hello cupid and roomieloverfriends 

If you don’t know anything about black & sexy TV on youtube you should get into. Black content created for black people by black people. Its beautiful 




when I drink I become the greatest rapper alive.

same. and I can twerk.



Only for you


when I drink I become the greatest rapper alive.

same. and I can twerk.