I made it to class wisspy , thanks bae ^.^


the “sposed to be cleanin but the ##hennessey## mix came on” squat
shoutout to theogblackjesus
wisspy replied to your post:5:26am
I’m about to get ready to go to school.

never went to sleep. Hopefully soon. I don’t have class until 2.


waiting for my body to collapse.


i.for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten so whomever may believe in him may not perish but shall have everlasting life.

ii.I wanted to call and tell you I love you. But that may complicate things. and I have to remind myself that you left. 

iii.cant sleep at night, cant get up in the morning 

I’m still upset at that anon. Like what. And I want to know who the other one was in walkers inbox. You called me by my first name. thats not creepy at all. 


( I miss the tumblr that used to thirst in the tags ) ( Like whats the point now ) 

Someone finds you so attractive dat they would be very excited if they were given the chance to see your nudes. In which way is this dosrespectful?


I hope that someone that found me attractive would have a face and pussy. 

  • I dont take nudes, I take the holy communion 
  • I dont do sex, I am the second virgin 
  • I dont kiss boys, you get pregnant and die