Your avi is gorgeous!


Thank you darling

And by the tone of their voice you know by saying anything about it won’t change their stance

People make me upset

You can’t use homophobic slurs and then turn around and say yassss honey.

People saying someone can’t be masculine and feminine. Goodbye.

People saying feminine gays are fruity. Goodbye.

People saying choose between one or the other. Goodbye.


James Blake - Retrograde

Digging is so stress relieving.

It really is. I could spend all day in criminal records or wax and facts.

Its probably a lot more I need. But I haven’t made a comprehensive list. I should so when I walk in the record store I can be like ” Yo you got this before I start diggin’? ” But theres something so calming and exhilarating looking through crates and crates and finding something you’ve been searching for the longest. 

Kind of like love.