The world is waking up
( the east coast that is )
And I’m still trying to go
To sleep


why am i awake

I asked myself that two hours ago and I’m still here

Why have I sat in silence listening to my thoughts slight movements and white noise for at least 2 hours is beyond me at this point.

If tumblr took away the reblog button for one day
Would you have anything to say?

phone call 4/14


I listened.
your voice filled
my ear from
the other end
of the line.
you are home.

Isn’t that interesting? The past is just a story we tell ourselves.

Samantha, Scarlet Johansson in Her (via xteatime)

Do drugs responsibly.

There’s a scene in “Her” where he’s lying in bed and can’t sleep. He grabs his phone and tells It ( this was before Samantha ) to open the chat room.

The phone scrolls through voice bytes of different people that are online. Then he finally stops at a girl and opens the chat. A small surface conversation to begin with. They have phone sex accompanied by her dead cat.

Just a thought.

going through the actions of liking post hoping someone will be be willing to talk or acknowledge you being awake at this hour ( or whatever time zone you’re in ) or calling your person just wanting to sit with on the phone until you fall asleep again. Mumbling your happenings of the day and random thoughts going through your head. To be heard and present in space.