The kiss right after * is the most important

I can tell you the first song you sent me to listen to
I can tell you the exact location where I was listening to it at
The conversation we had about it afterwards
And how many playlist I have added it to


about you - xxyyxx

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the Social Experiment Tour was everything.

It really was. I wish I couldve gone to multiple concerts. One night wasn’t enough

pause you went to his concert? how was it?

I did back in november, on his social experiment tour. it was awesomeeee. amazing experience. He is such a great performer and the live band gahhhhh

Hey hey you new beautiful people: 

  • don’t just sit there , introduce yourself 
  • My birthday is next month 
  • sexuality: bippity boppity boo 
  • I went to a Chance The Rapper concert 
  • I binged watched community and bob’s burgers 
  • When I get my life together I’ll figure what I’m going to do with this Art degree